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Robin Roberts, Good Morning America

“Cells Are the New Cure explains the world of cutting-edge complex scientific discovery in easy-to-understand language, interweaving the human element through stories of remission and cure. As someone who is blessed to be thriving since my stem cell transplant, this book gives us hope.”

Sean Parker, President of the Parker Foundation

“Cells Are the New Cure details the recent discoveries of the world’s top scientists and clinicians in the rapidly advancing field of cellular medicine. This paradigm shift in medicine will change the way we treat disease in the very near future and advances in immunotherapy will revolutionize how we approach cancer.

Stephen C. Groft, PharmD., senior advisor to the director, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, and former director, Office of Rare Diseases Research, National Institutes of Health

“Cells Are the New Cure explores the potential in modern medicine to harness the human body’s own curative abilities to battle cancer, autoimmune diseases, and many rare diseases. Set against the backdrop of real-life stories of patients who have benefited from these therapies while they are undergoing clinical development, the book highlights that unique moment where science and life intersect.

Richard M. Cohen, journalist and bestselling author who has battled illnesses for more than forty years

“Cells Are the New Cure writes a prescription for hope, long missing from the medical care of patients like me. I have known too many dangerous conditions in my adult life. Now, science is stepping in with cutting-edge research and clinical trials that offer a bright future for those of us who have been denied a view of life beyond today.”

Ronald A. DePinho, MD, former president, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

“Robin Smith and Max Gomez have illuminated one of the great frontiers in medicine for the gen­eral reader: The way aberrant cellular biology leads to disease and how cellular therapy can be harnessed to treat it. Cells Are the New Cure describes the many novel treatments and therapies under development and in use in the clinic and catalogues the potential of cellular therapy to alleviate untold pain and suffering across many lethal diseases like cancer and age-related de­generative conditions. They describe these historic scientific advances while compassionately relaying the real-life experiences of patients who have benefited from them."

Global Bioethics Initiative

"Cells Are The New Cure, written by Robin Smith, MD, and Max Gomez, PhD, is a book about the history of medical research on cells, both human and non-human, and recent developments in these techniques that have made cellular medicine one of the most promising fields for therapeutic exploration. While the book’s title suggests an exclusive focus on the healing aspects of genetic modification and human stem cell therapy, the text is much more than that: it is a roadmap for understanding the origins of such techniques, the current state of affairs in cellular and genetic therapies, the administrative landscape investigators must traverse in conducting research, and the areas in which we still need to make progress." Read more